Highway, 2011.

Angel's Swing

Angel's Swings, 1995 -

Made in the memory of those beloved ones who have already passed away, yet also for those who still live and exist in this reality.

Longing and imagination express the twinned creative drives behind "Angel Swings". Longing, being born of love, symbolises sweet pain. Through imagination, we, as adults, can return to the enchanted world of childhood where everything remains possible and even the dead can be alive again.

Swinging represents a moment of catalyst. Swinging depicts a child's ignorance of boundaries andlimits - while swinging ever higher through one`s own exertion, feelings of daring, pleasure, joy and suspense are relished. Upon tiring one can effortlessly give up and revert to listlessness.

Adults may not always have the courage to throw themselves into swinging or often remember how to They have lost the ability to feellike angels in flight.

With gentle mischievousness, KAIJA POIJULA reminds adults about longing for love, about the comfort found in simple play, something that children don`t have to be reminded of. A work like "Angel Swings" requires no explanation to a child.

Angel`s Swings - outdoor installation has been on display in Finland, Japan, USA, Germany and Ireland. Installation was awarded in 2005 in Dublin, Ireland, for a large outdoor work of distinction (Sculpture in Context"-exhibition, National Botanical Gardens).

Path of Bells

Path of Bells, 2004 (Dublin).

The exhibition started with the ringing of bells in succession from four city churches.Twenty ringers representing Christ Church Cathedral and St. Augustine & John's Church (John´s Lane) ”rang the changes” from the following towers: St. Paul's, Arran Quay, 6pm, John's lane, Thomas St., 6.15pm, St. Audoen's, Cornmarket, 6.30pm Christ Church cathedral, 6.45pm and again at 7pm in St. Paul's, when the exhibition was formally opened. These bells were dedicated to the bellringers, who rang the bells in St. Paul's in 1843.

Näyttely alkoi The Path of Bells -performanssilla: neljä kellotornia Dublinin keskustassa, joista kustakin vuorollaan kellonsoittajat soittivat saman soiton. Performanssiin osallistui 20 kellonsoittajaa. (St. Pauls-Smithfield, Church of St. John, St. Audeons's Church, Christ Church Cathedral)

Cortegè / Venesaattue, (video, 4 min.)

Old, wooden rowing boats carrying a consoling flame on their final journey.

Performance in Lahti, 1997, commissioned by The Finnish Association for Mental Health.
Performance in Helsinki, 1999, commissioned by the City of Helsinki.